Centurion Boats Test Days

It’s finally here: Supreme Boats in Switzerland.
Known for their leading-edge technology and top-tier craftsmanship, Supreme Boats are now available for testing in Switzerland — giving a chance to be one of the firsts to experience their world-class performance.
What could be more thrilling than being able to test out the new Supreme S220 boat?
Moreover Centurion Boats, a leader in premium performance boats, is offering a great opportunity to test two of their most iconic models: the Ri230 and Fi23.

Register now for one of the following dates:

06.05.23 Lake of Morat -> Centurion & Supreme Boats 

13.05.23 Walensee -> Wakeboat Center Turski & Wolf

17.06.23 Luzern -> Herzog Marinecenter

08.07.23 Neuchatel -> Centurion Owners VIP Day

23.09.23-01.10.23 Interboot 2023 -> Friedrichshafen

07.10.23 Walensee -> Wakeboat Center Turski & Wolf      

22.10.23-23.10.23 Lake Luzern -> Blue Water Show

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