Centurion boats - importer for Switzerland

Wakeboat Garage is your Centurion Boats importer and official agent.

We are the Centurion Boats importer for Switzerland and various parts of Europe. For the French part of Switzerland, we are your direct contact.

Our passion for water sports boats has allowed our company to grow since our creation in 2007. From purchase to after-sales service related, we are with you throughout the process. We offer all the services related to your boat internally so that you only have one point to contact. Customer satisfaction is our priority.

Centurion Boats meet the specific needs of wakesurfing and wakeboarding, both for families and for professionals. Users benefit from unique, proven and award-winning design principles.

Based in California, the brand has grown with wakesurf. Since the takeover of the company by the CorrectCraft group in 2015, the brand has only grown and all the models have been equipped with new technologies. Centurion is one of the leaders in the market, and as we often repeat, “WATER PROVE IT TO ME”.